Procedure of Membership Registration:

To become registered with the Association, you must complete the membership application form and submit the following supporting documentation, which including:

  • Your completed OAOP Membership Application Form.
  • The original version of your diploma/certificate.
  • Transcripts of your osteopathic educations.
  • 2 passport-sized recent photograph.
  • Membership evaluation and registration fee $1500.
  • Complete a 3-hours new member workshop.

Your applications will be carefully reviewed  by our board of directors for their contents, consistency and accuracy, for approval. The application process can take up to two to three weeks to complete. The Board of Directors can issue membership to an applicant after confirming that the applicant has met all the requirements. In the event of membership denial, the applicant shall be informed in writing of the reason therefore.

The reasons for denial of membership shall be:

  • Failure to meet the requirements of membership.
  • Habits or addictions interfering with work and commitment to the medical community
  • Conviction of any crime, and/or intentional dishonest for personal gain
  • A criminal background